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Booking with Private Driver Club is effortlessly accessible. Whether you prefer the ease of online booking or the personalised touch of a direct call, we are at your service. Our process is designed to ensure your peace of mind – we provide comprehensive details necessary for adding our drivers to your insurance. With diligence, we dispatch fully vetted and accomplished drivers to accompany you in your own vehicle, all at a competitive hourly rate.

What sets us apart is the flexibility we offer. You hold the reins of your journey, deciding your destination, preferred route, and return timing. This empowerment is the core of our approach, ensuring your travel aligns perfectly with your desires.

For those seeking a bespoke touch, our tailor-made services cater to your exact needs. From special events that demand elegance to short-term or long-term arrangements, we have you covered. Our pool of drivers is prepared to transform any occasion into a polished and hassle-free affair.

Our offerings cater to a myriad of excursions, each one tailor-made for you. Be it a London outing for business or leisure, a delightful lunch or dinner, a captivating sports or music event, or even momentous occasions like weddings and festivals – Private Driver Club ensures you arrive in style and comfort. Your experience matters, and we've crafted our services to heighten every aspect of it.

Professional and discreet

Our drivers undergo regular license checks and comprehensive background screenings. These rigorous processes ensure that our drivers are not only skilled behind the wheel but also have a clean track record – no accidents or convictions in the last 5 years. Holding a full and current UK driving license is a prerequisite, and each driver signs a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your privacy. Additionally, we require them to provide us with a Disclosure and Barring Service certificate, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of reliability.

Our network of drivers is as diverse as your needs. From ex-police officers and military personnel to personal protection experts, private chauffeurs, and knowledgeable tour guides – we have a driver perfectly suited to your requirements. Moreover, our team even includes experienced off-road drivers with shotgun licenses, facilitating the safe transport of ammunition and firearms on your behalf.

Country pursuits, weddings & events

Are you in search of a transportation service that brings years of invaluable experience to the table? Look no further. At Private Driver Club we take pride in providing a service that's second to none, available to cater to your needs around the clock. What truly sets our Events services apart is the fusion of our unwavering consistency, unmatched reliability, transparent communication, and exceptional quality.

Behind every seamless experience is a team of dedicated professionals who excel in their craft. We ensure that every member of our team possesses the highest level of skill, guaranteeing that each task is executed with precision and within the stipulated time frame. Your contentment isn't merely a goal—it's a promise. We are committed to ensuring that every moment, be it during exhilarating country pursuits, elegant weddings, or special events, is nothing short of extraordinary.